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PostSubject: General Overview   General Overview I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 27, 2010 9:32 am

A quick word from your Admin.

Considering that some of the players here are coming from forums games and the others from chat based rpgs, I'm going to give a quick run down on how this forum works so that there's little confusion. I've done the best I can incorporating both styles of role-play with the functions available for the forum and in the way that the systems are set up.

  • This forum does not let you create multiple accounts from the same email address. This means that you cannot create an account for each individual character that you play. Unless you want to go out and create endless email accounts for each of those characters/nicknames you use on the forums, then I suggest that you stay with one nickname and state, at the top of your in character posts, which character you're playing. It's not that difficult and I know some of you will be groaning because you're used to the other way of playing, but unfortunately there's just no permissions on these forums (that I've found) that allows otherwise. And for those players coming from chat based role-play, the way you use forums is no different here, so none of you should have an issue.

  • Each game available to play at this forum will have all it's creation and guideline rules found in the Game Information section. This is self explanatory really, but just a guide for those of you who get easily lost. Storytellers will post the specifics for their game there and have the right to change or modify them as best suits their game. Questions about the game should be asked of the storyteller listed. Please note that not all storytellers run their game the same, and not all games are part of the same role-playing system. If you find any of this confusing don't hesitate to ask for clarifications.

  • Cross-over. Currently there is no cross over outside of Storyteller influence. This can change and very well may, but for the beginning of a site we would like to encourage the systems to get on their own feet before we have characters interacting with those outside of their own system. When we allow cross-over on the site another forum will be added for general interaction. Until then, please keep your characters in their own system forums, any posts found outside of their own forums will automatically be deleted.

  • Most storytellers require characters to make rolls. These can be made on the dice roller provided in several of the forums sections. A log of the roll, directly copied from the dice roller, should be pasted in with your characters post. Storytellers do frequent the dice roller and will be suspicious of multiple rolls or those without specific clarification. Please keep it in mind that trying to fudge or cheat at any time is considered extremely immature and never appreciated. Storytellers and players will react accordingly.

  • There is an editing function on forums posting and we encourage only to edit your posts before anyone has replied to it, other then to make spelling or grammar modifications. Changing the original post after another player has already reacted/replied makes it difficult for the continuation of game play and could be misconstrued as something other then intended. To prevent this from happening please keep editing posts to a minimum.

  • As part of a forums game everyone should be aware that a forums game moves much more slowly then that of a chat based site. For this reason we ask that players be mindful of their pacing. Scenes are held up when players are unable to post for a number of reasons, and while many of us have busy lives outside of a role-playing site, as a player on these forums you are partaking something that is a collaborative effort. This means that players will be relying on each other for the continuation of a scenes progress. Some storytellers have rules according to this to help prevent it becoming a problem for the overall game. But players should be courteous and post as often as they are able and get in contact with players and/or storytellers if they are unable commit to this.

  • Posting attachments are allowed in some forums, not all. We ask that any attachments be only that of images, not video, sound or otherwise, and that they not be inappropriate. Those found disregarding this request will have their images removed and their rights revoked.

That's it for now. But please check back again soon for any modifications, updates or changes.

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